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Art Classes

Our Art Classes inspire children to consider the way in which they see their world: colours, materials, perspective, shape and light come together to form our visual experience. We aim to unpack these formal visual components in order to use them in creating our own thought-provoking and imaginative artworks.

Each lesson aims to build on one or more of the following primary art-making skills: Drawing, Collage, Sculpture, Painting and Colour-usage.

Foundation Phase: (4 – 7y)

These lessons aim to pave the way for more advanced art-making in the future.

  • Develop fine-motor skills
  • Establish a foundation for thinking about art-making
  • Develop drawing accuracy
  • Improve listening and observation skills
  • Introduce children to a wide range of materials and methods
  • Develop creative problem solving skills


Senior Primary Phase: (8 – 13y)

In these classes, we aim to grow the techniques introduced in the younger classes and direct them towards developing more complex projects: Drawing by observation, Painting on Canvas, Layering Textures, Manipulating Colour and much more!

Creating art is a different way of thinking. It requires focus, accuracy, curiosity and playfulness all at the same time!