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Intro page : Our Product is an all-natural homeopathic fat burner. Specialist pharmacists have come together to create this product with amazing results with stable safe weight loss

Living healthy, The Ascot way

At Ascot Diet Clinic we use homeopathic fat burning injections to increase metabolism and break down fat.. This is combined with various medicines to assist you with your diet. Most of the products we use are natural and all the products are absolutely safe.

Losing Weight is possible and with a little help from Ascot Diet Clinic it’s in your reach to lose the desired weight and maintain your weight when you’ve completed the diet. Our pharmacist was very thorough in formulating the ultimate combination of natural stimulation to suit each individual and our Professional team are the drive force to help keep you motivated with the diet plan, with regular recording and assistance for each individual.

Ascot products are safe and specifically prescribed for the individual during the different stages of weight loss. We also include a low calorie balanced, healthy eating plan and you will have complete support from myself Carla, I will provide recipes & great ideas to help you along your weight loss journey.

Most of the info is on my website and there is a video link below with more info.

The injections are a homeopathic fat burner that breaks down fat (We do not interfere with the endocrine system as they are not a hormonal injection). Along with the injections you will get vitamins and medication to drain the lymphatic system and suppress the appetite. You will also get a balanced eating plan that must be followed in order to lose weight. No giving up any food group except sugar. You do get to eat carbs, protein, dairy, fruit, vegetables and good fats. This eating plan has been designed by a dietician and becomes a way of life.

The Diet aims to achieve:
  • Lose Kilograms
  • Lose Centimetres
  • Burn fat
  • Control your appetite

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me on 082 447 6760

For more detailed information, please visit my website and Face Book page.

Clinic times : Mon – Thurs 8:00 – 16:00, Friday 8:00 – 13:00, Saturdays are by appointment only!

Contact Details:

Carla Saks

082 447 6760