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The Kick-Ups

The Kick-Ups

For far too long has South Africa been lacking in effective and fun child development programmes designed to instil basic to intermediate sporting knowledge and skills through creative and engaging activities.

We intend to instil an early passion for sports, exercise, and living a healthy lifestyle.  Bridging the gap in the development of our future athletes; proudly doing our bit to further South Africa’s domination of the international sports arena.

Through the use of all types of activities The Kick-Ups classes provided boys & girls between the ages of 18m to 3/4y with vital life & social skills. We aim to instil a healthy lifestyle, while having as much fun as possible.

We believe that kicking up a healthy lifestyle should be fun. It’s our goal that your children leave us coordinated, confident, and happy!


  • Develop fine & gross motor skills.
  • Improve listening skills & the following of instructions.
  • Instill a long-lasting association between playing sports and having fun.
  • Lay the foundation for hand to eye coordination and vital muscle memory for activities such as; kicking, throwing and catching a ball, as well as running, balance, and correct breathing.
  • Capture their imagination! Exercising both the left (analytical) and right (creative) hemispheres of the brain.



  • Energetic and experienced coaches.
  • Safe and enjoyable environment.
  • Fun and good quality equipment.
  • Stimulating and educational games & activities.

Our qualified coaches will ensure a welcoming and safe environment.


Scott: / 082 449 6022