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Many guitar teachers do not follow a specific structure, they just teach songs that the children like without really looking at the instrument and growing the child’s knowledge of music and music creation.

The Guitar Kids Method aims to teach children how to unlock the guitar, giving them a foundation to direct their learning productively. Guitar Kids lessons also equip learners with the song-writing skills they need to build their own songs. We also host group Holiday Workshops and weekly Jam Sessions giving our budding guitarists a chance to learn about band dynamics and performance.

“I was helping them with their song writing today, you truly have an amazing program!” – Sandra Steneker (Parent of 2 guitar students)

Guitar Kids ignites a passion for musical expression that, if well nurtured, can last children a life.

“Guitar has taught me discipline, and dedication but mostly is has shown me that we do not only think in words and numbers but in sound vibrations that register in our emotional body.”

Guitar Kids Teachers are:

  • Trust worthy, organized and responsible
  • Skilled and passionate guitarists
  • Well trained in the Guitar Kids Method of teaching

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