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Weekday morning classes are offered by qualified physiotherapists and aqua therapists


Aquatherapists offer one one treatment / exercise sessions in the water.

Art Classes

Project-based art lessons, focused on painting, drawing and multimedia projects. (Ages 4 – 13 years). We provide a space for students to explore their creativity and hone their critical thinking skills


Ascot Diet Clinic

Weight Loss Clinic using an all-natural homeopathic fat burner

Ball Skills

The Kick Ups offers ball skills classes with an imaginative twist. Suitable for 18 month olds to 6 year olds (boys and girls).


Sit and have something to drink or snack on while waiting for your appointment or class.


A full size cricket pitch on an astro turf court, is available for private use. The court can be rented at an hourly rate or one can rent only one net at an hourly rate too.



Guitar Kids

Guitar Kids lessons follow a specific, yet adaptable structure designed to unlock the guitar, and ultimately teach children to play with confidence and competence.


Activewear, dancewear and swimwear for boys and girls 6 – 16 yrs old.

Learn to Swim

Swimming lessons for children and adults is offered by qualified Swim South Africa teachers

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists work with children who need help with things like sequencing, planning, fine motor control and more. Our team are Sensory Integration trained.


PILATES is for EVERY body. Not only does it improve muscle tone, posture and balance, but it develops total body strength and flexibility and reduces over all risk of injury. Classes for kiddies, mommies-to-be, desk bound execs, elite athletes. Ie. everyone.


Physiotherapists can assess, treat and rehabilitate orthopaedic and sports injuries.

Caitlyn Potgieter Biokineticist

Assessments and Rehabilitation sessions with a qualified Biokineticist.

Nail Salon

Nail Bar to meet all your hand and feet requirements.


Soccer lessons for children 18 months old to 6 years old through The Kick Ups’.


Swimming apparel and accessories.


A swim program run by a qualified physiotherapist with a special interest in paediatric aqua therapy. Parent-child classes for babies and toddlers, for 0 to 48 month olds.

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