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NShape Pilates  (Natasha)

I started teaching pilates by pure opportunity. I was a professional dancer for 16 years and found pilates while teaching dancing at a studio in Morningside. It quickly became something that I loved doing ( any movement was great) . I finished my degree in Psychology but decided to explore the opportunities pilates could give me. It wasn’t until I used pilates as my own training tool to enhance my dancing that I FELT what I was teaching and could apply that to my dancing. 

I must have done about 3 different courses on my pilates journey before I found BASI pilates which, in my opinion, is the most professional, scientifically accurate and most athletic approach to pilates I have ever come across.

I do love to blend in and out of styles on occasion, but only if it suits the body that I am teaching in front of me.

I worked for a couple of studios since 2005 until I finally opened my own studio on 2015.  It takes hard work and dedication but it also takes the relationship and commitment from clients.

I offer private pilates, duets, trios and quads.

I also offer barre classes and Pilates Hiit (and Pilates for Kids in the near future).

I am still teaching some classes online, which can be an option if you cannot make it to the studio yet.

I am completely passionate about pilates and love to make sure clients challenge themselves, but also believe we shouldn’t be serious all the time, so I encourage some fun in the sessions as well.

I want to share my passion for pilates with anyone who is keen to learn and grow and understand how good their body is designed to feel. Forget aesthetics. That is secondary… but does it FEEL good?  … YES! It sure does.

MOBILE: 073 658 3197

E-MAIL: natasha_strydom@hotmail.com