Sarah-Jane Humphry

Sarah-Jane Humphry

Humphry Biokinetics offers Aqua-therapy rehabilitation as a form of “final phase” rehabilitation.

Biokinetics is a profession which uses physical activity, specific exercise and movement as a therapeutic modality in order to prevent injury, poor health, improve physical condition and quality of life. Biokinetics includes the “final phase” of rehabilitation to allow individuals to function optimally whether it be functional activities such as gardening or returning to competitive sport after various orthopaedic injuries, cardiac or chronic diseases.

Each patient undergoes a thorough assessment conducted by a Biokineticist. Based on the findings, a rehabilitation program is then designed in order to meet each individuals needs and to address the problematic areas hindering ones well-being.  A Biokineticist will focus on correcting the cause of the individual’s condition rather than just treating the symptoms.  This is done in order to prevent the condition from reoccurring.


  • The purpose of Aquatic rehabilitative exercise is to:
  • Increase Range of motion to ensure joint mobility is maintained
  • Increase muscular Strength
  • Improve Balance and proprioception
  • Ensure correct muscle firing patterns
  • Reduces muscle tension and relieves pain
  • Improve walking ability, including stairs and uneven surfaces


The purpose of pre- and postoperative rehabilitation is to provide a rapid recovery utilizing the best possible exercise programs. Our Biokineticists maintain close communication with your doctors in order to fully understand the scope of your needs.

Our  Team

Sarah-Jane Humphry received her BA (Human Kinetics and Ergonomics) degree from Rhodes University in 2003 and her Sports Science Honours degree from the University of Durban Westville in 2004 and her Biokinetics Honours degree from the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal in 2005. Sarah-Jane has been practicing for thirteen years and her special interest lies in Orthopaedic rehabilitation, aquatic therapy, pre and post-natal exercise, sporting injuries, chronic pain and Pilates.  She qualified through the University of Durban Westville under the guidance of Aqua Therapists Ingrid Price and Desiree Humphry.


Lisa van Der Walt completed her BA degree in Human Movement Science at the North-West University of Potchefstroom. She then completed her honours degree in Biokinetics at the University of the Free State in Bloemfontein and has completed her Master’s degree in Biokinetics with the main focus on treating patients with scoliosis. She has an Aqua therapy qualification through the University of Free State.

Jessica Davies completed her undergraduate Human Movement Science degree at the University of Pretoria in 2016. She then went on to complete her honours in Biokinetics at the University of the Witwatersrand in 2017. Jess completed her Aqua Therapy qualification at the University of Johannesburg.


Contact Details:          079 923 3413 / 011 783 5535  (phone) (e-mail)